4 Ways to Stay Connected with Promotional Products

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Promotional products are key marketing tools for event giveaways, meeting leave-behinds, and campaign tools. And while a promo item can be a powerful reminder of an in-person interaction, branded products haven’t lost their value in this time of virtual communication.

With events cancelled, in-person meetings replaced with Zoom calls, and many offices remaining empty or sparsely staffed, promotional products can be an effective way to stay in touch and keep your brand top of mind with your audience.

Check out these 4 ways you can use promo during this time of social distancing:

1. Employee Gifts

If you’ve used promo for employees in the past, you may have handed out items at a work event, to honor an employee milestone, or kept them in your office for general use. With many employees continuing to work from home, you can use a branded item to let them know you’re thinking of them and how much you value their efforts.

Treat your team to a comfortable sweatshirt or quarter zip, perfect for representing your brand while working from home.

This gift could take on any form you feel your employees would appreciate and use. Some popular items include:

  1. Fleece Blanket
  2. Ceramic Mug
  3. Refillable Notebook
  4. Water Bottle
  5. Soft Sweatshirt
  6. Headphones
  7. And more! Let us help you find the ideal promotional gift for your team.

2. Virtual Event Marketing

Branded giveaways are a must-have for conferences and tradeshows, typically high-energy, bustling events. With many of these events transitioning to a virtual format, it can be harder to generate the level of excitement that in-person shows have.

To help promote your virtual event, consider creating a branded item that’s aligned with the rest of your event advertising. You could use the item to encourage invitees to register. Or provide it as a gift after the event to say “thank you” for participating. Another idea is to create a special item or gift package for speakers, to show your appreciation.

Once your virtual event has ended, recipients will continue to use the promotional item(s), reminding them that you’re still there to partner with them when they need you.

3. Promote Health & Safety

Is your team heading back to the office? If so, you can use promotional items to help foster workplace health and safety. Branded masks, hand sanitizer, and social distancing signage can help create an environment where employees feel that their safety is at the top of your mind.

Woman wearing full color face mask

Looking for something more out of the box? Place a cup of antimicrobial pens at your front counter and encourage visitors to take one to be their personal pen. Or try a hands-free tool. These handy items are perfect for opening doors and use in high traffic areas like ATMs and store checkout lines.

person using hands free tool to open locked door

4. Direct Mail + Promo = Success

If you’re planning to share promotional items with customers and employees, direct mail is an effective way to reach them. While you may not be able to meet with your key contacts in-person, a direct mail package can show them how much you continue to value the relationship. Make the gift unique, with custom packaging, promotional items, a personalized letter, brochure, special offer or coupon…the possibilities are endless!

Custom box with branded socks
One of our promotional marketing campaigns featured custom woven socks with branded packaging as a thank you to customers!

As we navigate the new normal, you don’t have to hit pause on promoting your brand. A well-developed promotional product campaign can help you achieve success by staying in touch with key contacts and showing that your brand is ready to weather the storm.

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To learn more about promotional products and finding the right item for your audience, contact Sarah, our Promotional Strategist, today!

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