Graphic Design Roots – Proper Typography

When I started my printing business way back in 1990, typography was still a commonly used graphic arts term that denoted one of the fundamental components of good to great graphic design. This also marked the early years of desktop publishing when typography and typesetting was now accomplished on a personal computer instead of relying solely on very big and expensive typesetting devices. As time and technology move on, classic typesetting practices and the professionals who truly know, understand, and apply proper typesetting fundamentals are fewer and far between. A questionable sign of progress I suppose.

But all is not lost. As the magic of technology and communications often provides, clever and creative presentations and expressions of virtually everything in the universe appear at our fingertips; which is how this video arrived in my inbox today.
I invite you to view and enjoy this short video on the History of Typography. Whether you could care less about this topic is almost a moot point… this 5 minute presentation is fun, super creative, and educational too!

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