Content Marketing Using 80,000 Green Bay Packer Fans

Catamount-Marketing-content-marketingAnyone who knows me knows that I’m a big Green Bay Packer fan. Born and raised in Vermont, I’ve been a Packer fan since the mid 1960’s when, as kids in the neighborhood who played a lot of backyard football (we even strung up spot lights on 2×4’s with extension cords running to several neighborhood homes to play night games!), each of us adopted a pro team to represent.

The Packers were in the process of winning the first two Super Bowls so why not adopt the best! Vince Lombardi was King, and players like Jim Taylor, Ray Nitschke, Paul Hornung, and Bart Starr were the best in the league. I’ve remained a loyal Green Bay Packer fan ever since.

Though old news today, this image is news to me. My Dad, a proud veteran himself, passed these images to me in an email yesterday, images at a game at Lambeau Field that I was not aware of.

Content marketing can, and does, come in all shapes and sizes. Here’s the management of the Packers and Lambeau Field involving a community of 80,000 fans in a display of lights, color, patriotism, and unity paying homage to our veterans. This extravagant Monday Night Football PR campaign (patriotic yes, and marketing too) completely nailed the 4 C’s of marketing – content, context, community, and connection. Good-to-great marketing today is all about “content”. It’s about sharing content that gets someone, with a need, to know, like, and trust you. You don’t have to be a Green Bay fan like me to see something like this and come away feeling better about the Packer brand. You might even feel good enough to dump the Cowboys and become a Packer fan!

This makes me even prouder to be a Packer fan, and an American, than I already was.

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