Bringing inbound marketing and a good cause together

We have no idea. When we’re thirsty for a glass of water, make a pot of pasta, do some laundry, water the garden, or use the toilet, clean water is at our fingertips. Imagine if instead of turning the faucet we had to walk a mile or more to fetch our water to bring back home to use. Hard to believe this could exist today, but it does, in parts of the world where time and resources haven’t caught up to our standard of living.Yesterday I shared a video about Charity:Water and their efforts to bring safe and clean drinking water to everywhere it’s not. At the Hubspot Inbound 2013 marketing conference that Sue and I attended last week, we each experienced picking up two 5 gallon cans of water (40 lbs each) and walking down and back on a 20 foot stage. That’s a lot of weight and a very short distance. Imagine having to do this daily for long distances just to have some water at home.For every person who walked the stage, Hubspot donated $45 to Charity: Water. Thank you Hubspot… you made a difference.

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