Which Type of Direct Mail Should You Send?

Young smiling businesswoman reading a direct mail letter at desk

There’s no denying it – direct mail is here to stay.

Direct mail outperforms email in several areas, including open rates, memorability, and reading preference. In our heightened digital era, handling a physical piece of mail can be a breath of fresh air.

However, “direct mail” is a broad category, that encompasses several different styles of mailings. Depending on your campaign goals and overall marketing objectives, one format may be more effective than another.

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A Fun History of Promotional Products: The Stress Ball

Variety of branded stress relievers

Feeling like a ball of stress? Then grab a stress ball!

Stress balls have become one of the most popular promotional items available for branding. In fact, a single supplier reported selling 15 million stress balls in 2014 alone.

Why are stress balls so popular? For one thing, they’re available in dozens of fun shapes and colors. They’re an inexpensive promotional giveaway that’s gender-neutral and effective for all age groups. And the action of squeezing a stress ball or fiddling with its cousin, a fidget-widget, has been shown to have calming and therapeutic benefits.

Squishy stress balls may be everywhere, but where did they come from in the first place? In our latest installment of A Fun History of Promo, we’re reporting the scintillating story of the stress ball.

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